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At GarageSaleHunter.com, we strive to provide you with the best possible service. In our attempt to maintain this level of service, we have generated this list of helpful garage sale tips. With these tips, and a little luck, your garage sale is sure to be a success!

  • Timing and placement of your ads are critical.   Begin advertising early; we recommend at least one to two weeks before the first day of the sale. 

  • Use all forms of available venues to notify people of your sale.  Such venues include: newspapers, internet sites, flyers, signs, and word-of-mouth. 

    Newspapers - When using newspaper ads be sure to use both county and city wide newspapers.   Sometimes you can get better results by advertising your garage sale in a smaller, less expensive local newspaper.  

    Internet - As for the internet sites, do your homework.  There are some sites out there that will charge you to post your information.  Furthermore, some sites may actually sell your personal information to interested advertisers.  Of course, we do nothing of the kind at GarageSaleHunter.com.  Our service is absolutely free to you and your personal information is never compromised.

    Flyers - Using your home computer, you can print out very descriptive flyers that can provide people with all the information that they need about your garage sale. Better yet, these flyers can be made at a very reasonable price. You can then pass out the flyers to friends and family so that they can help you distribute them.  At GarageSaleHunter.com, we have provided you with a tool to make flyers for your garage sale.  Click here to use this free service!

    Signs - When making signs, keep the following in mind: BIG, BIG, BIG.  Make sure your signs are large enough so that drivers will have enough time to see and read the signs as they go by.  Also, make sure that you post the signs on every high traffic corner within a two mile radius of your sale.  This will attract significant amounts of garage sale hunters.  Be sure to include all pertinent information about the sale including: Address, Dates, Times, Items Sold, and Directions. 

    Word-of-Mouth - Tell your friends, family, and co-workers about your sale.  This is an effective advertising method, that just happens to be free!

  • Whenever possible, try to consolidate garage sales throughout your neighborhood.  Try to organize a street wide garage sale if possible.  This way, your advertising costs and efforts will be minimized.

  • Organization is very important to a garage sale hunter.  Nothing will turn people away from your sale more than an unorganized event.   Try and keep the area clean.  Also, consider the way people will be walking through the area.  Be sure to leave them enough room to view all the items for sale.   This will increase item exposure, which in turn will generate more cash for you.

  • Make sure that all of your items are labeled with the appropriate sale price.  Also, since garage sale hunters are notorious bargain hunters, always keep the price of the item marked a little higher than the price you are looking for.  This gives you the ability to negotiate with people, while still getting the profits you are looking for. 

  • When selling items for family members or friends, be sure to mark the items with different colored labels.  This will make dividing up the profits easier.   

  • Visit this site for more Garage Sale TIPS!